Applications Open for Mercedes Benz Design Award 2018, Wednesday 7 November
to Nov 12

Applications Open for Mercedes Benz Design Award 2018, Wednesday 7 November


Applications open for the fourth annual, Mercedes Benz Design Award on Wednesday 7 November. Broadsheet and Mercedes-Benz have again partnered for this year's event in the aim to foster and nurture the next generation of local designer talent, with calls for a 'design for the living space,' which must incorporate an element of sustainability. 

The competition offers one Australian designer a life-changing opportunity for their winning design to be manufactured by one of Australia's leading local design retailers, Cult, as well as mentorship from Australia's design leaders. 

Previous winners of the award include Tom Fereday in 2017 for his SIA chair: a slim solid ash-timber and stainless steel composition with an articulating backrest. 

Open to designers of all experience, the Mercedes-Benz Design Award is an unique opportunity that can't be missed. 

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to Oct 28


It will be a Eurochocolate with live silver on the twenty-fifth edition of the International Chocolate Festival to be held October 19 to 28, 2018. In the historic location, Perugia, Italy the City of Chocolate.

Eurochocolate is the festival dedicated to chocolate and cocoa that takes place every year in Perugia, Umbria.

Founded in 1994, today it is the largest and most important chocolate event in Europe that attracts almost a million visitors.

The event lasts ten days and runs along the main streets and squares of the historic city center: Piazza Italia, Piazza della Repubblica, Corso Vannucci, Via Mazzini, Via Fani, Terrazza del Mercato Coperto and Piazza IV Novembre.

Numerous initiatives are all inspired by chocolate and completely free, such as: exhibitions, tastings, shows and chocolate sculptures! And there are thousands of delicacies to buy with different shapes and flavors: bars, pralines, hot chocolate, chocolate liqueurs and much more proposed by large companies and craft enterprises around the world.

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Stella McCartney's Sanctuary of Stillness
to Oct 10

Stella McCartney's Sanctuary of Stillness

When she created her label in 2001, Stella McCartney asserted her commitment to responsible, ethical and sustainable fashion, and associated the label with the same personal values that she brings to work and partnerships in her studio – values that inform her whole approach to life. The inspiring environment has been constructed by Faye Toogood’s London studio, using environmentally friendly materials, processes and techniques, as well as elements of traditional craftsmanship.

Stella McCartney invites visitors to wander slowly through this space and to experience, observe, feel and be part of a gradual awakening of the senses. Sanctuary of Stillness is an invitation to a beautiful sensory experience.
To delve deeper into this exploration, Stella McCartney has invited American filmmaker David Lynch to give the first French screening of his Foundation’s latest film. It is an initiatory journey, a kind of testimony to the power of meditation over the creative process, there at the very heart of the Sanctuary.

Stella McCartney, « Sanctuary of Stillness » 

6 septembre — 10 octobre 2018

Galerie des Galeries

40 boulevard Haussmann, Paris 9e 

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