All in Take A Peek

The home of Carmen Hamilton - Australian fashion blogger founder of Chronicles of Her

Space owned by a well-known Australian fashion blogger, Carmen Hamilton, founder of Chronicles of Her, despite her fashion knowledge, Hamilton wisely asked Decus Interiors to bring her luxe vision to life inside her space. 

With linear finishes, strong elements, luxe pieces deep inside you can see how these elements flow together. 

My favourite piece in absolutely is the marble on the countertop and the beautiful ceiling lamp on it. The bedroom looks warm and stylish, I love all fashion elements styling inside. Go on now, scroll!

Take a peek in the stylish Selina Lauck's home at Berlin

Berlin-based originally from Saarland with a degree in fashion design, Selina quickly realized that would not have a foothold in this industry. Due to a longer stay in Norway and various jobs, which were influenced to some extent by interior and design, hung up her previous job to pursue her own projects. This includes, inter alia, an Interior Blog, which currently you can see it here and her Instagram account.