Spatial Sensibilities by FRAMA by Juliana Sampaio

Spatial Sensibilities by FRAMA / via @kronekern

Latest week for Stockholm Design Week, FRAMA has showcased their new products in a project called "Spatial sensibilities" in the beautiful surroundings of Andreas Martin-Löf's new space. For the occasion, they have created a lookbook in collaboration with the incredible photographer Erik Lefvander.

Frama - website - Instagram
Andreas Martin-Löf - website - Instagram
Erik Lefvander - website - Instagram

The Home by Ferm Living - Subdued tones and rich textures by Juliana Sampaio

The Home by Ferm Living - Subdued tones and rich textures via @kronekern

Subdued tones and rich textures mark The Home of Ferm Living, a new collection in a new styling for their Copenhagen showroom.

Ferm Living has always catch my attention with their incredible pieces, any new collection can surprise you with unique products that you can't imagine! Finishes, colors, and shapes that always respect the design quality.

Zara Home - Take a look at the new teak wood objects by Juliana Sampaio

Zara Home - Take a look at the new teak wood objects / via @kronekern

The teak wooden pieces from Zara Home looks so gorgeous!

As you know when the teak is freshly milled it smells like leather, it is also valuable both for its elegance and its durability. Beyond its beauty, it also possesses some natural properties that other woods don't have.

The beauty of the handcrafted is due to the nature of the product, each piece may vary. So unique!

Hawkins New York - quality and adaptable aesthetic by Juliana Sampaio

Hawkins New York - quality and adaptable aesthetic via @kronekern

Hawkins New York was born out of a palpable void in the lifestyle market for quality, accessible, home goods. Citing a lack of range in small-scale home goods production, Hawkins was founded on the aim to incorporate the concept of artisanal collective production, while maintaining a modern sensibility in design.

Built by the couple Nicholas Blaine and Paul Denoly, the brand is an all-encompassing marriage of their two design aesthetics. Nick, coming from a fashion and visual merchandising background brings a taste for clean, modern, and muted design. Paul, comes from a background in product development and buying. He offers a strong sensibility for color, texture, and organic form. In this vein, their line was born out of not only a feeling of necessity, but out of a personal lifestyle that presents a compelling confluence of design, place, + life.

They have in just five years time, built a brand that's become a solid reference point in American design. They're now splitting their time between New York, where they have stores in the city and in Hudson, and Los Angeles, where they've just opened their largest store and first on the West Coast at ROW DTLA. These images were courtesy taken via Need Supply this month, they hung out for an afternoon with Paul in the Hudson store and then met up with Nick in L.A. for a long chat about what it's taken to grown the brand, where you can read the post here.

Hawkins New York: website / Instagram

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Une histoire de l'orthopédie by Juliana Sampaio

Une histoire de l'orthopédie / via @kronekern

Based on the history of the Hôpital orthopédique de la Suisse romande, founded in Lausanne in 1876, this book traces the developments of orthopaedics as a discipline and technique from the middle of the 18th century to the present day. By putting into context the situation of orthopaedics in Switzerland and Western countries, the author addresses issues of professional identities, institutional strategies and medical cultures, whose complex history reflects current health issues.

Hardcover – 286p.

Une histoire de l'orthopédie graphic creation by Switzerland-based graphic design Aris Zenone.

Mupote Container by Artur de Menezes by Juliana Sampaio

Mupote Container by Artur de Menezes

MuPote has a minimalist design that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal.

With two different materials, glass and plastic, fixed by threads, the MuPote can be used in many different ways. From storage food to jewelry. The MuPote has two compartments to provide multi-purpose storage and enable the user to use the product as well as it wants. The glass compartments can be used to serve the food itself on the table, making the piece a tableware product too. By using contrasting materials, MuPote delivery good design and a contemporary beauty allied with quality and function.

Designed by Artur de Menezes a Brazilian industrial designer based in Barcelona (won the second prize in the student category of the Salão Design Award 2018 with his product Flor Armchair).

Snug by Sanna Völker - a brutalist yet delicate candle holder by Juliana Sampaio

Italian travertine

Italian travertine

Snug candle holders by Sanna Völker are handmade by stonemasons who have mastered their craft for four generations, dating back to 1880.

All pieces are made from natural stone leftovers, some up to 500 million years old, handpicked by the designer herself from a quarry located in a small mountain village in the province of Barcelona. Snug is a small, self produced project that celebrates local craft, quality material and emotional value.

The essence of the product is the material itself, expressed through a minimalist design. Stone is created and shaped by history, through shifting continents, seas and earthquakes. Some tell their story through banded layers, others through fossils. And it is here, in their sheer variation, that Snug finds its beauty.

The two candles are trapped by the material in what becomes a brutalist yet delicate candle holder. Snug is a story of craftsmanship, sustainability and transparency. Because the story behind the design is as important, and must be just as beautiful, as the finished piece.

Iranian travertine

Iranian travertine

Flight by Flos for Svenskt Tenn by Juliana Sampaio

Flight by Flos for Svenskt Tenn |

The charming Flight lamp series was designed by Michael Anastassiades and is manufactured by Flos for Svenskt Tenn.

The collection comprises a desk lamp, a hanging ceiling lamp and a flush mount ceiling light. All of the fixtures have an innovative form that evokes a soft, flying hot air balloon. The shade is made of a resinous material that is protected by a transparent surface. It’s a unique manufacturing method that gives the lamp its soft, cocoon-like look.

Michael Anastassiades originally created the Flight desk lamp for Svenskt Tenn’s “To be perfectly Frank” exhibition in the spring of 2013. It was designed as a contemporary interpretation of Josef Frank’s iconic 2349 desk lamp or the “China Ball” lamp, reminiscent of a typical Chinese rice paper lantern, but in a different form. The lamp is being re-launched in the late summer of 2018, this time with Flos as the manufacturer and partner.

Flight by Flos for Svenskt Tenn |
Flight by Flos for Svenskt Tenn |

Malene Birger launches her new art print collection for THE POSTER CLUB by Juliana Sampaio

Malene Birger launches her new art print collection for THE POSTER CLUB |

Former fashion designer Malene Birger is now launching a new collection of six art prints in collaboration with and exclusively for THE POSTER CLUB.

For decades art has been an integrated and important part of Malene Birger's life and work. She is a dedicated and passionate artist and art collector. Creativity is her driving force. Painting, graphic design and visual arts play a vital role in her work and style.

Malene Birger´s art is expressed in strong, abstract and graphic forms, mostly developed in monochrome colours. Her graphic ink drawings have been her signature for years, but she also sketches, paint and create collages. All disciplines present simple proportions and combinations of materials, which are contemporary and distinctive.

The six art prints are fine art giclée prints, referring to the printing technique using tiny droplets of archival pigmented ink combined with high quality archival quality paper to achieve art prints of superior quality, light-fastness and stability. The prints are all available in the following sizes: 30x40 cm, 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm and prices range from 49 Euro to 139 Euro.

The prints are exclusively available through and their selected retailers worldwide.

Studio Vit designs handmade vessels in glass and china by Juliana Sampaio

Studio Vit designs handmade vessels in glass and china |

Vessels is a collection of tabletop objects in crystal glass and bone china designs by North London-based Studio Vit.

Launched by MDR Gallery, the Vessels collection consists of three glasses and two carafes in crystal glass, and two cups and a jug in bone china. Each piece is unique varying slightly in shape and thickness.

The crystal glass is as thin as possible, challenging what is possible to achieve with the material. The bone china is delicate and fine, reminiscent of eggshell. The Vessels are light and thin, emphasising a sense of closeness to the liquid which heightens the experience of drinking.

Ceramic Obsession: Maggie Boyd x Helen Levi by Juliana Sampaio

Ceramic Obsession: Maggie Boyd x Helen Levi |

Super limited edition made by Helen Levi oversized white stoneware mugs and shallow bowls made from groggy white stoneware all hand painted by the fabulous Maggie Boyd! The figures are a super dark navy, almost black, and covered in shiny clear glaze.

Born and bred in New York City, ceramicist Helen Levi handcrafts each piece of pottery in her Brooklyn studio. Inspired by the organic forms of nature, Levi combines several kinds of porcelain and clay in a signature technique that renders each piece truly one of a kind.


Photos — @helen_levi
Shop her pieces alson via Need Supply

Editor's Picks: Cream, Taupe and Anthracite by Juliana Sampaio

IKEA Livet Hemma: Autumn's warm brown tones + IVAR diy by Juliana Sampaio

IKEA Livet Hemma: Autumn's warm brown tones + IVAR diy |

Our favorite IVAR only needs a pair of layers of black semi-matt snare color and some tanned natural leather handles to match the Autumn's warm brown tones. Two great news are these incredible lamps and the brutal storage from series BROR.

Earlier this fall, BROR, the storage series, was said to be something of a heavy metal cousin to IVAR. Durable and sturdy in matt black powder-coated steel, it stands for the most part and is also easy to assemble. A wheelchair comes loaded, with what, all the favorite books and the first Christmas atmosphere! See all the details of the products used here

Courtesy images IKEA Livet Hemma
Styling: @annalenskogbelfrage
Photography: @ragnaromarsson

Pottery Collection by Vincent Van Duysen for When Objects Work by Juliana Sampaio

Pottery Collection by Vincent Van Duysen for When Objects Work |

The minimalist pottery collection by Vincent Van Duysen for When Objects Work.

Vincent van Duysen’s work is characterized by an interest in reinterpreting classical forms. His search for order and clarity produces designs which are both contemporary and innovative, but which have the force of perfect inevitability, setting off resonances that feel like memories: always new, but reminding us of things we have known.

Vincent van Duysen studied architecture at the higher institute of architecture Sint-Lucas in Ghent. Following two years in Milan, he returned to Belgium, setting up his own practice in Antwerp in 1990. The range of Van Duysen’s architectural practice is broad, with interior commissions for private houses, apartments, shops, restaurants and offices.

His commitments to the process of progressive refinement applied with equal distinction to both contemporary and historical contexts. He has also worked prolifically on a smaller scale, designing furniture and lighting.

Ferm Living Christmas Edition by Juliana Sampaio

Ferm Living Christmas Edition |

We are in November but really since October already there are some Christmas in the shops. And no different in Ferm Living! In their new Christmas catalog, they offer you products made especially for this season but also ideas with everyday products. I know it's weird already to start thinking about Christmas but if I was you I would take a look to already get inspired.

Courtesy images via Ferm Living

Connected Spaces by Menu - Orgatec AW 2018 by Juliana Sampaio

At MENU, they believe in Connected Spaces. Spaces that unite our worlds through design, and make our transitions from one place to another seamless, interesting and enjoyable.

In their rapidly changing world, the distinctions between home and work have become increasingly blurred. The concept of Connected Spaces reflects this exciting shift and highlights our opportunities to create human, multi-functional places that serve our needs. Workplaces that make us to feel right at home. Homes that have the refinement of boutique hotels. Cafes, boutiques, restaurants,
and hotels that cater to our comfort and feel curated to our desires and aspirations.

Connected Spaces are a testimony to the future of design. By connecting the dots between home, work and hospitality, we can redefine how we use space – and, ultimately, how we connect to one another.

Brand to Watch: Kajsa Cramer by Juliana Sampaio

With a recent collection styled by the duo Sundling Kickén. The Kajsa Cramer is a handmade porcelain clay shop with a simple, genuine and durable design. Her inspiration emerges from the Scandinavian nature that surrounds her home. Each creation is personal and unique, with a visible a touch of the artist's hands.



Kajsa Cramer has a background working in the furnishing industry as a home decorator and stylist for around 17 years. She has also been in charge of her own furnishing store and she has worked as a florist. Kajsa lives in southern Sweden, Göteborg. Her work studio is in Lindome, south of Göteborg, in an old spinning workshop from the early 1900s. This is also where her store/showroom is, which is open on Saturdays and Sundays. You can follow, shop, visit, and also get an insight into her workshop where she sits in front of her potter's wheel coming up with new ideas.

Photography Osman Tahir 
Styling Sundling Kickén

WU XL Side Table by Egg Collective by Juliana Sampaio

WU XL Side Table by Egg Collective |

Made-to-order and by hand in NYC the WU XL side table by Egg Collective is made up of three simple shapes - a circle, rectangle, and triangle - the Wu’s complexity lies in its simplicity. Perspective transforms its surfaces into lines and then into planes. One object, ever-changing, floating now, and then a turn later rooted to the ground.

Egg Collective is a New York-based design company established in 2011 by three female designers—Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis, and Hillary Petrie. Pulling from its founders’ backgrounds in architecture, art, and woodworking, the company creates items that are intended to stand the test of time. All of Egg Collective’s work is made in its own woodshop and in collaboration with a community of small-scale fabricators. 

Shop Egg Collective here and follow them here!

Euclides by Loehr by Juliana Sampaio

Euclides by Loehr |

Minimalism in balance. An upholstered seat is held in a apparently floating position by a light tubular steel frame. Its generous seating area offers a comfortable position, which encourages conversation. A wide range of fabrics, leathers and an either powder-coated or mirror-polished frame underlines the cosmopolitan, accommodating character. Euclides is available as an armchair or two-seater and is perfectly supplemented with Plato as an ottoman or bench in a seating group. Both products have been designed for public areas, reception areas and transit areas, but can also be used in private homes.

Euclides by Loehr |
Euclides by Loehr |
Euclides by Loehr |