THE ODE TWO Autumn Collection 2018 / by Juliana Sampaio

THE ODE TWO Autumn Collection 2018 via Krone Kern

The first collection released in April featured various works by artists like Diana Orving, Mathilda Clahr, Alexa Coe, Joakim Nyström, Kristiina Haataja, and Patricia Reyes. In front of the autumn collection 2018, The Ode Two recruited Tufva Design, who works with graphic ceramics, the artist B.D. Graft, Italian Alina Vergnano, Illustrator Charlotte Taylor, Ceramicist Lisa Hellrup, Danish Helle Mardahl, and Kristina Haataja. The founders Carlberg and Lukins want to create a place for people who want to express themselves through unique art, yet still landing in reasonable prices. First seen in Residence Magazine.

Stylist: Linnéa Salmén

Photographer: Mikael Lundblad

Studio: Temporärt