191 Apt by M3 Architects by Juliana Sampaio

191 Apt by M3 Architects / via @kronekern

191 Apt is a interior of only 36 sq.m. designed by studio M3 Architects and located in Odessa, Ukraine. Bright with a multifunctional space it's consists of four zones: bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

For maximum disclosure and optimization of the function, they combined the living room and kitchen, where the kitchen consists of one volume, the island. They combined all the equipment (refrigerator, washing machine, boiler) and storage areas (wardrobes and pantry) with the bathroom unit, having grown it, thereby creating a single accent volume behind the hidden wooden facades.

The bedroom is nominally delimited from the main space by a translucent partition. All storage areas in the apartment are hidden and have the ability to quickly access. All the furniture in the interior, - individual production according to their sketches. Such decisions led to the most open, comfortable, and air-filled interior, with accents and without unnecessary details.

191 Apt by M3 Architects / via @kronekern
191 Apt by M3 Architects / via @kronekern

Photo:  8beam 
Project: M3 Architects