Note Design Studio

Reform is launching three new kitchens at ICFF by Juliana Sampaio

Good news everyone, the Danish design company is set to launch their latest kitchens designed by internationally acclaimed architects and designers; Studio David Thulstrup, Note Design Studio, and Muller Van Severen have applied their award-winning skills to Reform's growing design family, resulting in uncompromisingly modern kitchens that push the boundaries of conventional industry thinking.

Launched at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York and 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, the new designs offer bold, new perspectives from the Scandinavian kitchen reformers.


Reform makes room for personality. There's room for everyday living in their uncluttered, people-centered kitchens. And they create space to let architects and designers explore new territory within their accommodating collaboration process.

Building on Reform's rethinking of the conventional kitchen, Studio David Thulstrup, Note Design Studio and Muller Van Severen add their own, distinct point of view to Reform's kitchen series - while sharing a common aim with the Danish company in their persistent dedication to timeless craft and durable design. The outcome is three unique, forward-thinking kitchens designed to withstand the ongoing wear and tear that comes with contemporary living.