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Studio Hygge by Melina Romano by Juliana Sampaio

Studio Hygge by Melina Romano / via @kronekern

In recent years, the idea of well-being and self-care have come to occupy the limelight of many people. But for at least two centuries the Danes have invented a word that sums up precisely this feeling. It is hygge (pronounced "riuga"), which does not have a literal translation and represents comfort, protection, sociability. All these senses are present in the Studio Hygge, an environment that designer Melina Romano signs for CASACOR São Paulo 2019.

The sharp look reveals itself in the choice of the rounded and organic forms of furniture, which break any visual rigidity. Applied intelligently and full of personality, the tones pass between the neutral ones in the furniture - all of national design. There are some contrasting dots of colors, such as in the upholstered headboard.

In the 68 m² were distributed a suite, bathroom, a living room and the kitchen. They were completely integrated, but deconstructed. The arrangement of the environments is thought with modulating and mutant elements, which allows different redistributions of space.

Studio Hygge by Melina Romano / via @kronekern

The finishes are easy to maintain and clean. The floor has received terracotta pottery without grouting, while the walls bring the rustic charm of the apparent brick. Textures that evoke the affective memory of so many houses in the country.

The illuminated three-dimensional panel made of cobogos was strategically placed in the middle of the living room. It is there like a work of art, which makes a play of light and shadow in space. This is one of the features that provides a soft light, besides being an element that is part of the identity of Brazilian architecture. The super comfortable modular sofa combines various fabrics in the finish.

Studio Hygge by Melina Romano / via @kronekern

The Hygge concept has a lot to do with winter, which comes together with CASACOR SP in the Southeast region. In Denmark, of course, this season is much more rigorous and with negative temperatures. An invitation to spend more time indoors near the fireplace.

Green is also present in the loft and makes a contrast with terracotta pottery. The bathroom, integrated with the room in an open way, received an intervention with tropical vegetation, made by florist Aline Matsumoto.

The proposal is to transform the living environment into a cozy, sensorial and visually pleasing place to cultivate a light and happy mood. In the eyes of Melina Romano, this idea won a very Brazilian way.

Photography by Denilson Machado for CASACOR


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