Stylish apartment styled with minimalist furniture - glass partition and warm colour palette / by Juliana Sampaio


When the apartment is small, the most used solution is to integrate the rooms between them to get more light, to look bigger and cosy. Most of them we can see used it between the living room and kitchen. But the truth is not everyone likes it! Some do not like the smell of cooking all over the house or they even want to left it just how it is. 

The perfect solution is to use glass partition. Like on this apartment that they used in the kitchen but also you can see it in the bedroom. In the first case, they maintain the "close" kitchen in the place and just replace the wall and door with it and in the second they create a new wall on it to made a closet. Like this, they get more light inside it and of course, it looks stylish.   

Pay attention always because the choice of colours and finishes are very important on the final look. You can see that they used a palette with warm colours, wood and chrome finishes. In my opinion, the minimalist furniture maintained it cohesive. If you look at it good all the environment integrates together.

Do you like glass partition? I love it! Can I move in?