5 things to do in the home on a rainy day / by Juliana Sampaio

Do you know that rainy day that you do not know what to do and it is uninspired? So today we give you 5 things to do on it. No excuses!

1. Organize

You can organize the closet, makeups, documents, kitchen, computers, books...

  • In your closet, give what you do not need.
  • Check the validity of your makeups.
  • In the kitchen, place the opened products inside plastic or glass containers.
  • Separate your important documents into folders.
  • Clean your computer, throw away those documents that are not good and those that are important organize into folders.
  • With the books organize it by colour or in alphabetical order. Same thing if you do not want it then donate!

2. Prepare a special meal

You know that delicious cake? So do it! 
Do not get carried away by ugly weather. Don't know what to prepare? Run there on Pinterest, it has nice and easy recipes. 

3. Read

There is no better time for reading, at least for me! I love reading on rainy days and the sound of rain inspires me.

4. Spa Day

Is there anything better than taking a day out for you?
So take that day off for YOU.

  • put on a mask
  • hydrate your hair
  • do your nail

5. Shopping online

That perfect day to see the offers! I'm one of those ...