Murmull - Contemporary design objects for home and lifestyle / by Juliana Sampaio


Close to the Mediterranean sea Murmull offers exclusively unique items designed and made in Barcelona. The products are manufactured locally in a sustainable way combining artisanal processes and the most advanced, cutting-edge technology. 


You are just one step away to get wherever you want. This step is presented as an elegant solution for many daily situations. A new level to: reach to the top shelf, keep the door ajar, raise a plant pot, etc. The arch structure balances the stool and confers it a distinguished character. A silky lacquer covers the entire surface of the item and the base is protected by natural leather pads.


New home for your plants and new plants for your home. This family of vessels is inspired by industrial brick chimneys but in this case they are raised to accommodate life. Life that renews the air we breathe. Each piece is unique and individually created by our craftsmen. The material of the pot is a stoneware with waterproof properties. The interior is enamelled in sophisticated colours, that increase the attractiveness of the object as a decorative container. You can combine this product with other pots of the same collection, which are available in different sizes and colours.


Decorate your walls with this graphic series that interprets the rational world of modern architecture. The relation between rhythm and proportion is perceptible through the cuts in the thin wood veneer. Its fretwork enables you to customize the sheet combining it with different backgrounds in order to best suit your space. Available in three types of natural wood coming from forests with sustainable extraction. The finish of the sheet is a natural waxing that nourishes the wood and intensifies its natural colours.


This geometric design base inspired by architectural ceramic claddings is the ideal item to work as serving board or presentation tray, yet it will be perfect to decorate your walls when not in use. The carvings on both sides of the board and its lacquer-finished surface provide it with a silky soft touch. The geometric shape makes it easy to combine with other bases of the collection, which are available in different sizes and colours.


Singular and versatile. The carrier bag has been designed to make your everyday life more stylish and comfortable. The design, inspired by glass blocks of modern architecture, simultaneously protects the content and allows to catch a glimpse of its interior. The generous dimensions and raffia confection make it ideal to withstand the transportation of large volumes and heavy loads. The incorporated laces enable the bag to be closed, if required.


design by Naïm Vilaseca & Mar Villegas

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