Modern with autumn colours and wood accents

Modern with autumn colours and wood accents |

What an apartment! Perfect for this season. If you look carefully, the furniture is neutral so that it is easy to styled it with the colours that really makes you feel good. For this you just need to change the details such as objects, linens, tablecloths, etc. ... Simple, no?

The original paintings are from Emilia Ilke, H&M linens, cup, toothbrushes and bath towel are from Hay Design,the chairs in the dinner table are from Decotique, the beautiful Gärsnäs ceiling lamp in the first bedroom and in the second the yellow table lamp above the Ikea wardrobe is from Blås & Nåda.

Courtesy images: Fantastik Frank
Styling: @mimmistaaf
Photography: @jockeono