Mimic barbershop-style mirror design by Normal Studio for Muuto / by Juliana Sampaio

Muuto’s new Mimic Mirror by French duo Normal Studio is inspired by the plastic mirrors found in Parisian barbershops that often have moulded patterns on the back.

The mirror’s frame and base are made of an injection moulded plastic resin. The face of the mirror sits recessed in the plastic back that forms a rim around it, and the mirror is attached to the top of the base with a metal hinge. There’s also a little tab at the bottom of the face that you can use to adjust its angle. 

Mimic Mirror takes its name from the design’s repeated details, from the pattern of triangles on the back to the facets around the base, and also refers to the mirror’s function. 

Designers Jean-François Dingjian and Eloi Chafaï of Normal Studio are based just outside of Paris and have also designed acessories for furniture brand Ligne Roset. 

Designed in the three colors of Nude, Midnight Blue and Grey, Mimic Mirror is designed to co-exist in harmony with the space in which it is place, complementing the atmosphere of the room through its unique look.

Images via Muuto