IKEA PAX for KIRKENES in cork | www.kronekern.com

Natural materials with the new IKEA wardrobe doors KIRKENES. The living cork surface makes any room feel warm and you can relax in the knowledge that cork is a recyclable material that comes from the long-lived corkscrew where the bark is regenerated and can be reused many times.

In this IKEA Livet Hemma editorial, the interior stylist Anna Lenskog Belfrage have combined the soft cork with BAGGANÄS handle in black steel for a modern contrast. The rustic floor lamp HEKTAR in a silky beige tone that gives a landed calm to the bedroom. The bed they have bedded with extra modern ÄNGELILA sheet, woven in clean, non-chlorinated, durable cotton.

KIRKENES's doors come in two sizes and fit PAX wardrobe, they last a long time because the surface of the cork is very durable and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Interior Stylist: Anna Lenskog Belfrage
Assistent Stylist: Alicia Sjöström
Photographer: Ragnar Òmarsson