Gentle Heart of Steel by HAO DESIGN

Gentle Heart of Steel by HAO DESIGN |

Gentle Heart of Steel a project by HAO DESIGN located in a residential area in Xiaogang, Kaohsiung, and was commissioned by a couple with a daughter in elementary school.

The couple had vastly different expectations for the style of their home. The husband is a steel engineer, and is very interested in metallic pieces and a rough industrial style; the wife is a flight attendant with a sensitive mind who loves to experience different cultures and new experiences. She hoped for a simplistic and bright Japanese style with Nordic cultural craftsmanship quality.

After a series of discussions, they decided to employ a colorless gray industrial undertone, using a Lotos cement wall surface, mock-cement tiles, kiln colored patterned tiles, and steel wool stained wood veneer to create a gray and black base. The metallic pieces commonly used in industrial designs would be incorporated through exposed pipes on the ceiling, stainless steel holed plating and furniture, and metal elements. White wood grain cement boards, natural solid oak veneer, and wood colored furniture were selected to create the bright Japanese style favoured by the wife.

The more simplistic and spacious the space, the more crucial the furniture choice and coordination becomes.

Words and Interior Design by HAO DESIGN