Editor's Picks #11 / by Juliana Sampaio

 Mariagatan 25C

1.) Cosima Sofa - Soft, inviting and flexible. Does this sound like the right sofa for you? The Cologne-based designer duo KaschKasch has created the Cosima modular sofa based on two principles: soft comfort (one should feel like throwing oneself in) and the possibility of combining different modules in different ways. The Cosima series consists of seven modules, all of which can stand alone but can also be combined with each other as desired. Incidentally, the square back and armrests have the perfect width to hold a tray of snacks, drinks, coffee or your laptop.

2.) Menu Jewellery Box - The sleek design of the Jewellery Box designed by Theresa Arns has a simple, geometric expression and a very sculptural character, whether it is opened or closed. Any small, precious and personal objects get a stylish place in the Jewellery Box by the Danish company Menu. Whether you use it to store jewellery, makeup or small office items – everything can be organised and stored in the small compartments of the box. One practical detail is the mirror inside the top cover. It can be used to put on makeup or jewellery or simply to check your hairstyle. The Jewellery Boxes by Menu are available in different wooden editions.

3.) Lyngby Porcelæn / Lyngby Vase - An Icon Amongst Porcelain Vases since 1936. The Lyngby Vase is manufactured by Porcelænsfabrikken-Danmark - Lyngby Porcelæn. The porcelain design classic was designed in 1936 and is characterised by a unique aesthetic and distinctive grooved structure. The vase became an absolute design icon in the 30s and is to this day highly valued by design lovers and collectors for its simple elegance. Together with other designs, the porcelain vase marks the beginning of a new era in design, which was inspired by the Bauhaus movement and is characterised by the functionalism which had its roots in the time. In 2012, the brand Lyngby Porcelæn came back to the market and resumed the production of the popular Lyngby Vase. Today the vase is handcrafted in Denmark with utmost care and respect for the special history, based on the original specifications. The vase is available in different sizes, in several colours and is made of glass. The series was also expanded with bonbonnières and planters. Whether for small floral bouquets, decorative branches or as a stand-alone sculpture, different colours, heights and diameters allow several vases to be put together in a varied arrangement.

4.) ferm Living Abstraction Poster, 1 - The poster series Abstraction by ferm Living boasts beautiful colour blocks in complementary colours and hand-painted patterns on uncoated recycled paper. The Abstraction Posters are available with different prints and different sizes. With a size of 50 x 70 cm, fitting picture rails by ferm Living or customary frames can draw attention to the graphic poster.

5.) Menu Bollard Lamp - The Menu Bollard is an innovative lamp by the American designer Shane Schneck. It can be used in different positions. Shane Schneck wants to connect the spheres of design and technology because he questions industrial benchmarks and wants to discover new solutions for contemporary living. Bollard is an intelligent example of his approach. The Menu Bollard lamp might look like a normal pendant lamp at the first sight, but the clever clip and base are the reason why the lamp can be used in many different positions – the possibilities are unlimited. It can be used as common pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling, but it can also become a spotlight by means of clipping the cord into the lateral support. If it is placed on its base, the Menu Bollard can also be used as a projector or as direct flood lamp when it is put on a shelf. The light of the Bollard is glare-free and soft since it has a mat diffuser. Bollard is a versatile lamp, which fits in homes, offices or cafés, alone or in groups. Thanks to the unusual 350 cm cord, the light can easily be adjusted.

6.) Hay Crinkle Blanket - The Crinkle blanket by Hay lives up to its name. The soft and cuddly blanket gets its charm from its extremely crinkled texture and tasselled ends that are combined wonderfully. The blanket is made of light cotton, which naturally wrinkles by itself and thus gains elasticity and feels extremely soft. The blanket can be washed at 60° degrees and dried at medium heat in the dryer. 

7.) Skagerak Cutter Wooden Bench - The stylish Cutter series by Skagerak Denmark emerged as a nostalgic and romantic design challenge that characterised wooden garden furniture for many years. Consequently, designer Niels Hvass concentrated on clear, simple lines, which led to an honest and elegant design. The first product was this beautiful bench, which was later expanded into an entire series. Cutter was originally intended for gardens. The attractive simplicity of the series furthermore turned out to be ideal for hallways, bathrooms and kitchens – basically any room in the house. The series furniture is multifunctional and the function changes in step with the changing demands on it. The bench is ideal for seating and storage space in and around your house. 

8.) Vitra Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR - The Eames Plastic Side Chair is undoubtedly an absolute classic when it comes to the living area. The 1948 design went into production in 1950. This made the Plastic Side Chair the first mass-produced plastic chair in design history. The design icon by Ray and Charles is available with various seat shells and frames. With a variety of colours, the chairs can be arranged just as you like. Since 2015, the classic has been available with an adjusted height of 43 cm. With the raised frame, Vitra is adapting the seat height of the Plastic Side Chair to the average body size which has increased by 10 cm in length since the first design in 1948. Thanks to the small height difference, however, it isn’t a problem to combine the new and ‘old’ variants of the chair, so chair clusters that already exist can be expanded as desired. With its polypropylene seat shell and delicate frame, the Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR (Dining Height Side Chair Rod Base) is robust and versatile. As a classic, there’s a place for the Eames Chair in living areas as well as dining rooms, kitchens or living rooms, or in cafés, waiting rooms, restaurants and other areas.