COMMON SEATING - a Danish design brand with a non look alike seating collection


After many sketches, prototypes and naps, the Common Seating is now open with a small collection of seating options. They are designed and made to be used (a lot) and compared to the market, they are also affordable. 

They are working with BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, Baum und Pferdagarten, Afteroom, Studio David Thulstrup, Chris L. Halstrøm, Geckeler Michels, SHop Architects; and many more respected talents to come within the next year. Their mission is simple: to offer couches designed by some of the leading designers and architects in the world. You’ll notice none of their products looks alike, and that’s because no two humans really are alike.
Using Kvadrat fabrics and a high-design aesthetic, they make sure that the quality of each design lives up to its potential – and how do they get away with this at a reasonable price exactly? Well, a typical mark up in price is around five times the production cost. They? Just two times. You see, they have simply not added all the typical fat in retail – they have no stores etc., and if you call us you will probably reach Uffe, the co-founder and CEO. 

"Furniture blossoms when it’s given life and sometimes 'life' means standing, sleeping, or dancing on it. In the end, it’s actually your life that enriches the furniture." – Common Seating

Mooner by Studio David Thulstrup

Mooner by Studio David Thulstrup

"We were inspired by a wooden bench, and the desire to be able to take a good nap in it. Armrests often seem to be in the way of a good position for napping, so we decided to add this function into the armrest, so it would also become a headrest." – STUDIO DAVID THULSTRUP



Interlude by Chris L. Halstrøm

Interlude by Chris L. Halstrøm

"I think most people should have a daybed in their workplace. They would probably be more efficient if they were allowed to take a nap from time to time." – CHRIS L. HALSTRØM

Hood by Geckeler Michels

Hood by Geckeler Michels

"Armless sofas are truly casual since they are really basic in their function, but with some extras for all-around users – we love the fact, that someone can easily sleep on the couch since no armrests are limiting you..." – GECKELER MICHELS

Flowerfield by Baum und Pferdgarten

Flowerfield by Baum und Pferdgarten

We worked off the idea that furniture does not have to be grey and boring. It can be dramatic, dynamic and poetic! Furniture can tell a story and not just be functional. – BAUM UND PFERDGARTEN



Otto Busses Vej 5a, OBV 0262450 Copenhagen SV Denmark

+45 30 25 35 15,


Monday to Friday 10.00 – 17.00