Casa Cook Chania - Annabell Kutucu / by Juliana Sampaio

Casa Cook Chania - Annabell Kutucu

Located in the hillside on a pristine stretch of Cretan coast, the ancient city of Chania.

Set against an enchanting backdrop of deep Mediterranean blues, sandy stretches of beach and an ancient Venetian port, their modernist village is the perfect hideaway to rest and reinvigorate. Throughout the boutique property, a series of soulful spaces and sanctuaries merge minimalist mid-century modernism with sustainable design in one seamless union. The 106 handcrafted rooms feel earthy and organic, like a home away from home, opening up onto your own private terrace. Book here your stay!

Interior Curation, Styling and Decoration by Annabell Kutucu.
Images: Georg Roske, Ana Santa and Art Direction by Lambs and Lions