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Cloudy sky, full day raining, I do not have a new book, tea with cookies, no news on Netflix. That's why I created this new Sunday Linked tag. I hope you like it!

  1. Stoneware vessel created by John Born. Inspired by Cycladic pottery and the great 20th century sculptors.

  2. This bedroom... from the interior and fashion stylist Caroline Sandström Blasiak

  3. A beautiful editorial with details of Venice by Cereal.

  4. Drop Pendant Bulb designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldah.

  5. Bathroom essentials, Pella Hedeby.

  6. Måns Zelmerlöw's home for Residence Magazine, renovated and decorated by Hanna Wessman, photography: Andy Liffner

EDITOR'S PICKS: Inevitably Burnt Orange by Juliana Sampaio

Chic, modern and inevitable!
In the cold season, the burnt orange is a good option to get some warmth accents inside your home and elegant clothes for your closet.

1) Fall leaves, photo Christian B. & Mikkel Mortensen
2) Crossed Woven Wool Blazer, DA/DA Diane Ducasse


3) Fancy stuff, Artilleriet Interiors AB
4) Halter top and skirt, Mango


5) Chestnut Puffy leather Jacket couleur noisette, Tara Jarmon
6) Ono ono multi-bennetint, Noto Botanics

Instagram finds

Dark green bedroom with a DIY building game by Juliana Sampaio

Dark green bedroom with a DIY building game |

I immediately fell in love with this bedroom not only for the colour but more than anything else from DIY using this decoration game to create a headboard. Created by Att vara någons fru blog where you will find every detail of this incredible DIY with before and after pictures to make you understand better.

The funny thing about this DIY is that there are really many opportunities to create a headboard. Just mix and match until you are satisfied. The combo here is that the decorations were painted in the same color.

First seen at by Helena on

Ceramic Obsession: Maggie Boyd x Helen Levi by Juliana Sampaio

Ceramic Obsession: Maggie Boyd x Helen Levi |

Super limited edition made by Helen Levi oversized white stoneware mugs and shallow bowls made from groggy white stoneware all hand painted by the fabulous Maggie Boyd! The figures are a super dark navy, almost black, and covered in shiny clear glaze.

Born and bred in New York City, ceramicist Helen Levi handcrafts each piece of pottery in her Brooklyn studio. Inspired by the organic forms of nature, Levi combines several kinds of porcelain and clay in a signature technique that renders each piece truly one of a kind.


Photos — @helen_levi
Shop her pieces alson via Need Supply

Editor's Picks: Cream, Taupe and Anthracite by Juliana Sampaio

Warm colours and characterful style by Juliana Sampaio

Warm colours and characterful style |

Without a doubt, the warm colours have come to stay! Second perfect option for lovers of minimalism but without the usual black and white. They give style, warmth and a cohesive vision.

The living room of this apartment is perfect! I really like the grey sofa, the glass coffee table, the "work at home" corner with the shelves in the same colour as the walls, the objects used in the decoration, the black accents seen in the lamps and the frames, so as in black and white prints.

Courtesy images Alvhem
Styled by @styledbyemmahos
Photography by @fredrikjkarlsson

A 28 sqm apartment in beautiful Scandinavian style by Juliana Sampaio

A 28 sqm apartment in beautiful Scandinavian style |

In a small apartment, the idea is to keep the white walls to create a feeling of amplitude, but this does not mean that your home becomes boring or without style. This depends on the decoration you choose! But above all the colours. Here they have chosen to use grey as secondary and earthy colours for accents. In this house what stands out most is the steel shelves and the bar table that give an industrial touch. I really like the sitting area with the trunk used as a coffee table as well as the rustic bank. The wall of the entrance that could be nothing, has become welcoming with a simple clothes hanger, basket and a ladder!

Courtesy images Innerstadsspecialisten

Cozy bedroom with grey walls and green accents by Juliana Sampaio

Cozy bedroom with grey walls and green accents |

I like this light grey on the walls come out of the usual white! Great choice of the duvet cover in green contrasting with some pillowcases in peach pastel (this colour is fine even with dark blue). A touch of style with the two wall lamps and the rustic bench. Very comfortable side with hanging clothes and a mirror.

Courtesy images via Entrance Makleri

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A 43 sqm apartment with a beautiful custom-made wooden kitchen by Juliana Sampaio

A 43 sqm apartment with a beautiful custom-made wooden kitchen |

I think a small environment is much easier and cheaper to decorate. Obviously, a fitted wardrobe in the kitchen is the ideal solution to be able to have as much space as possible. In fact in this they have not only had more space but also given style. Of course, the less you put the more space you have. Try to decorate with just the necessary. I do not say that you have to be minimalist but be aware that in this way your home will be much more fashionable.

Courtesy images Alexander White

IKEA Livet Hemma: Autumn's warm brown tones + IVAR diy by Juliana Sampaio

IKEA Livet Hemma: Autumn's warm brown tones + IVAR diy |

Our favorite IVAR only needs a pair of layers of black semi-matt snare color and some tanned natural leather handles to match the Autumn's warm brown tones. Two great news are these incredible lamps and the brutal storage from series BROR.

Earlier this fall, BROR, the storage series, was said to be something of a heavy metal cousin to IVAR. Durable and sturdy in matt black powder-coated steel, it stands for the most part and is also easy to assemble. A wheelchair comes loaded, with what, all the favorite books and the first Christmas atmosphere! See all the details of the products used here

Courtesy images IKEA Livet Hemma
Styling: @annalenskogbelfrage
Photography: @ragnaromarsson

A 93 sqm Industrial style with warm accents by Juliana Sampaio

A 93 sqm Industrial style with warm accents |

The beauty of this great apartment has won me over. Neutral colors together with warm accents blend perfectly. In this case, they give style and transform into a unique modern industrial style. Of course, my absolute favorite place is the bedroom, simple minimalist and a possible DIY. The neutral kitchen takes style with the wooden table blended with modern ceiling lamps. I confess that all the lamps used in this decor are so fancy.

Photography by @storkholmphotography
Courtesy images Alexander White


Peach, gray and lots of character in just one room by Juliana Sampaio

Peach, gray and lots of character in just one room |

Oh my God. I'm really excited about this place! What a beautiful color was chosen to accommodate the living room/bedroom. A color full of energy and style. Obvious the objects chosen for the decoration are truly beautiful! The small, minimalist Scandinavian style kitchen is the perfect combination. So in these about less of 51 days to the end of the year, you let the color or change as well?

Courtesy images Fantastic Frank

Pottery Collection by Vincent Van Duysen for When Objects Work by Juliana Sampaio

Pottery Collection by Vincent Van Duysen for When Objects Work |

The minimalist pottery collection by Vincent Van Duysen for When Objects Work.

Vincent van Duysen’s work is characterized by an interest in reinterpreting classical forms. His search for order and clarity produces designs which are both contemporary and innovative, but which have the force of perfect inevitability, setting off resonances that feel like memories: always new, but reminding us of things we have known.

Vincent van Duysen studied architecture at the higher institute of architecture Sint-Lucas in Ghent. Following two years in Milan, he returned to Belgium, setting up his own practice in Antwerp in 1990. The range of Van Duysen’s architectural practice is broad, with interior commissions for private houses, apartments, shops, restaurants and offices.

His commitments to the process of progressive refinement applied with equal distinction to both contemporary and historical contexts. He has also worked prolifically on a smaller scale, designing furniture and lighting.

Ferm Living Christmas Edition by Juliana Sampaio

Ferm Living Christmas Edition |

We are in November but really since October already there are some Christmas in the shops. And no different in Ferm Living! In their new Christmas catalog, they offer you products made especially for this season but also ideas with everyday products. I know it's weird already to start thinking about Christmas but if I was you I would take a look to already get inspired.

Courtesy images via Ferm Living

IS BACK - Robe Coat by Juliana Sampaio

IS BACK - Robe Coat |

That famous robe coat is back! With minimalist touch and a plethora of colors and patterns. This season will be your faithful companion!

MAX MARA - Wool coat / COS BELTED WOOL COAT - Grey Melange / ZARA COAT - Black / GANNI FENN LONG in Chanterelle / H&M Duster in wool blend / RIVER ISLAND - Camel Coat / ANDOTHERSTORIES Belted Wool Blend Trenchcoat

Match With

A cozy bedroom in neutral hues at Linnéstaden by Juliana Sampaio

A cozy bedroom in neutral hues at Linnéstaden |

In its simplicity, it is the one that perfectly transforms this bedroom. Small, but with style! Decorated with natural colors and little supply as soon as necessary to compose everything. We like how they used the same bedside table placed differently on the sides. Take the complete tour of this apartment here.

Courtesy images via Alvhem

Connected Spaces by Menu - Orgatec AW 2018 by Juliana Sampaio

At MENU, they believe in Connected Spaces. Spaces that unite our worlds through design, and make our transitions from one place to another seamless, interesting and enjoyable.

In their rapidly changing world, the distinctions between home and work have become increasingly blurred. The concept of Connected Spaces reflects this exciting shift and highlights our opportunities to create human, multi-functional places that serve our needs. Workplaces that make us to feel right at home. Homes that have the refinement of boutique hotels. Cafes, boutiques, restaurants,
and hotels that cater to our comfort and feel curated to our desires and aspirations.

Connected Spaces are a testimony to the future of design. By connecting the dots between home, work and hospitality, we can redefine how we use space – and, ultimately, how we connect to one another.

Sørensen HQ by Norm Architects by Juliana Sampaio

Sørensen HQ by Norm Architects |

Sørensen HQ is a minimalist space located in Aarhus, Denmark, designed by Norm Architects.This fall, Norm completed the interior of Sørensen Leather’s new HQ outside Aarhus, DK. Here, leather creates a calm sense of cohesion on furniture and beyond—as a soothing tactile surface throughout the interior. Adding an unspoken elegance that engages your senses, leather is an ideal material for all kinds of elements in the décor itself.