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An apartment styled in neutral hues

What I love about the neutral hues that are stylish and minimalist colours. In this apartment, you can see in action what I talking about. Every room combines one with other. This environment mixes high-quality pieces with customised Ikea products. It proves that you can have a beautiful decorated on a budget.

Pocket House by Whiting Architects - monochromatic colour accented by natural wood

Pocket House is a minimalist residence located in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Whiting Architects. The renovation sought to maximize the space with the challenge of a restricted site area. The home is characterized by a monochromatic colour scheme accented by natural wood furniture and accessories. The space attracts abundant natural light, which is contributed by the use of skylights in the dining and living areas. The clients wanted a flexible space that would allow for both entertaining guests and creating a collaborative workspace environment.

4 Budget Ideas in the Same Apartment Using Plywood

When we buy an apartment, or we live alone for the first time most of the times the money available for decoration is not enough. That's when we opt to budget decorating ideas. In this apartment, you can see 4 incredible options used in specific in the bedroom, living room and kitchen made with plywood material.

As you can see above they used it to create shelves to organize the books, add plants. This is a good option, especially in a small space.

Kopernika 10 Apartments by spaces architects Marcelina Gronowska and Damian Goliński faced a difficult task – complete renovation of an apartment in a historic tenement located by the Kopernika street near to the old square market. It has become an unconventional challenge to create three separate flats meant for short-term rentals.

Every fully functional apartment offers you a well-equipped kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a living room. Architects have decided to go for some bold and unconventional solutions, which couldn’t be applied in a long-term living space. All dark green bedroom? Glassed shower in the centre of the flat or a pass to the bathroom hidden under the kitchen wall? Why not? This is something we can only expect from a space where we’re staying for a day or two – it should be beautiful, functional but also surprising with original ideas and solutions.

The entrance

The apartment needed to be completely reorganised. The idea required a separation of the whole space into three independent flats. The entrance to the hallway that connects them all is emphasised by a restored, fitted with glass, semicircular door. Architects have decided to set up 27 light bulbs throughout the entire hallway to give it a bit of theatrical and classical feeling. Dark navy walls and a wooden bench from the collection give a sense of boutique character from the first moment someone enters the room.

A stylish open concept kitchen with living room

Wonderful solution for those who have a small apartment is always to have the kitchen integrated into the living room. Ideal for flowing the environment and allowing more light in it. I love the open concept solution even better when you can make it stylish. 

In this home, they managed to create a beautiful black kitchen with marble, cozy thanks to wood details pieces and looks modern with a touch of colours added around it. 

Get inspired by An Interior Affair amazing Ikea Ivar hack - minimalist and stylish

Both of you know already Lovisa Häger from An Interior Affair her blog is just amazing so many ideas and inspirations. Browsing there I found that incredible Ikea Ivar hack. I confess that I do not speak her language so I got to on Google translate. Her incredible cabinet was painted with Farrow & Ball in "Drop Cloth". But also the decorations items was painted as the little statue in 'Moles Breath', the poster on the wall in 'Skimming Stone' and the vase a layer of 'Elephants Breath', all shades in the super matte. Go to her blog to read the original post and see the steps and all items used on it.