5 tips to set a modern minimalist tablescape for this Christmas Eve / by Juliana Sampaio

1.Keep the colors

Keeping colors neutral is the easiest way to achieves a modern minimal look. Keeping the minimal style is not to avoid the color its avoid to overboard your table with different colors. Do not need just black and white, could be an earth palette color as well.

3.Texture & finishes

Linen on tablecloth, golden finish on candle holder ...
Make them as cohesive as possible with the rest of the decor.


There is something more beautiful than transparency!
In the glasses, in the vases ...
The ideal is that in this case the content is the key. Using glass you can increase with flowers and candles.

4.Candles & Flowers

Essential supplement that composes coziness and elegance. 

5. Accessories 

Keep it simple and visual clean as possible.
Remember that less is always more.

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