7 new H&M Home pieces to keep an eye on by Juliana Sampaio

7 new H&M Home pieces to keep an eye on / via @kronekern

H&M Home every collection you are surprising us!

First of course for the variety of current and modern products and also for the affordable price. For those like me who love new pieces here, I have separated 7 of those to keep an eye on…

  1. Small laundry bag in cotton twill / 2. Striped cotton tablecloth with fringes

3. Scented candle in a patterned glass holder / 4. Table lamp in opal glass with a wooden base / 5. Small, round ceramic pot with a lid and small spoon made from acacia wood

6. Egg cups in acacia wood / 7. Basket in braided rattan with straw details

Une histoire de l'orthopédie by Juliana Sampaio

Une histoire de l'orthopédie / via @kronekern

Based on the history of the Hôpital orthopédique de la Suisse romande, founded in Lausanne in 1876, this book traces the developments of orthopaedics as a discipline and technique from the middle of the 18th century to the present day. By putting into context the situation of orthopaedics in Switzerland and Western countries, the author addresses issues of professional identities, institutional strategies and medical cultures, whose complex history reflects current health issues.

Hardcover – 286p.

Une histoire de l'orthopédie graphic creation by Switzerland-based graphic design Aris Zenone.

A studio with beautiful colors, lamps, and posters perfect for a modern-style dweller by Juliana Sampaio

A studio with beautiful colors, lamps, and posters perfect for a modern-style dweller / via @kronekern

If you follow me on Instagram you must have discovered that I am pregnant. Yes, pregnant! That's why I was a little absent from the blog, but due to laziness, nausea, and lack of inspiration, too. This is my third pregnancy but, to be honest, it's been 9 years past from the last and this one is very different from the ones I had. I hope this first quarter finishes soon. I hope to continue posting frequently even if I leave it already scheduled like the other posts.

Well let's now leave the baby matter aside and let's take a look at this wonderful apartment…

Small, graceful with neutral colors and touch of earthy tones. Extremely decorated with posters that give character to the environment. A small apartment is much easier to decorate and invest in branded items, just like in this apartment they have bet on the lamps, side table but also on a beautiful bed set. The beauty of this environment is the harmony between the colors that fluidized together and don't become visual chaos.

Styling: EMMA FISCHER (@styledbyemmahos) for STADSHEM