Lovely small bedroom by Juliana Sampaio

 Lovely small bedroom |

Even though it was a small bedroom I made a point of sharing here with you. Because the idea is really cool and the result is perfect!

Despite the little space they managed to create a very cosy and stylish bedroom. I love the pastel green sheets and the modern Ikea bench with a beautiful transparent vase decorated with the season's plant. Now you have no excuse not to decorate your room just because it is small!

Images via Alvhem

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Sunday Linked - The details are in the elements by Juliana Sampaio

 Sunday Linked - The details are in the elements |

The beauty in everything is the definition of the elements used in it. In a house, for example, the basic elements are the perfect construction of the foundations. In the art and architecture are the visual details that count. In this inspirational collection you can see the elements everywhere that turning them unique.

  1. Zhu Ohmu, Melbourne ceramicist Rose Wei makes striking organic decorative vessels, created entirely using coiled clay.

  2. A very nice apartment in Grevgatan 70 available in

  3. Lair capsule furniture collection by Lovisa Häger on My Paradissi

  4. Sundling Kicken styling for Residence "Sunday At Home" a photography by Osman Tahir.

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