The Home by Ferm Living - Subdued tones and rich textures by Juliana Sampaio

The Home by Ferm Living - Subdued tones and rich textures via @kronekern

Subdued tones and rich textures mark The Home of Ferm Living, a new collection in a new styling for their Copenhagen showroom.

Ferm Living has always catch my attention with their incredible pieces, any new collection can surprise you with unique products that you can't imagine! Finishes, colors, and shapes that always respect the design quality.

Zara Home - Take a look at the new teak wood objects by Juliana Sampaio

Zara Home - Take a look at the new teak wood objects / via @kronekern

The teak wooden pieces from Zara Home looks so gorgeous!

As you know when the teak is freshly milled it smells like leather, it is also valuable both for its elegance and its durability. Beyond its beauty, it also possesses some natural properties that other woods don't have.

The beauty of the handcrafted is due to the nature of the product, each piece may vary. So unique!

A beautiful living room in neutral shades and black accents by Juliana Sampaio

A beautiful living room in neutral shades and black accents

It is not new that neutral colors have become the must-have. Especially because you do not get tired like the bright colors. In this living room, the beauty is not only the choice of colors but also the furniture used in it. Few things that have quality can give so much to your environment, not only of style but also of durability.

Styled by GreyDeco for  Stadshem
Photography: Jonas Berg

Hawkins New York - quality and adaptable aesthetic by Juliana Sampaio

Hawkins New York - quality and adaptable aesthetic via @kronekern

Hawkins New York was born out of a palpable void in the lifestyle market for quality, accessible, home goods. Citing a lack of range in small-scale home goods production, Hawkins was founded on the aim to incorporate the concept of artisanal collective production, while maintaining a modern sensibility in design.

Built by the couple Nicholas Blaine and Paul Denoly, the brand is an all-encompassing marriage of their two design aesthetics. Nick, coming from a fashion and visual merchandising background brings a taste for clean, modern, and muted design. Paul, comes from a background in product development and buying. He offers a strong sensibility for color, texture, and organic form. In this vein, their line was born out of not only a feeling of necessity, but out of a personal lifestyle that presents a compelling confluence of design, place, + life.

They have in just five years time, built a brand that's become a solid reference point in American design. They're now splitting their time between New York, where they have stores in the city and in Hudson, and Los Angeles, where they've just opened their largest store and first on the West Coast at ROW DTLA. These images were courtesy taken via Need Supply this month, they hung out for an afternoon with Paul in the Hudson store and then met up with Nick in L.A. for a long chat about what it's taken to grown the brand, where you can read the post here.

Hawkins New York: website / Instagram

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7 new H&M Home pieces to keep an eye on by Juliana Sampaio

7 new H&M Home pieces to keep an eye on / via @kronekern

H&M Home every collection you are surprising us!

First of course for the variety of current and modern products and also for the affordable price. For those like me who love new pieces here, I have separated 7 of those to keep an eye on…

  1. Small laundry bag in cotton twill / 2. Striped cotton tablecloth with fringes

3. Scented candle in a patterned glass holder / 4. Table lamp in opal glass with a wooden base / 5. Small, round ceramic pot with a lid and small spoon made from acacia wood

6. Egg cups in acacia wood / 7. Basket in braided rattan with straw details

Une histoire de l'orthopédie by Juliana Sampaio

Une histoire de l'orthopédie / via @kronekern

Based on the history of the Hôpital orthopédique de la Suisse romande, founded in Lausanne in 1876, this book traces the developments of orthopaedics as a discipline and technique from the middle of the 18th century to the present day. By putting into context the situation of orthopaedics in Switzerland and Western countries, the author addresses issues of professional identities, institutional strategies and medical cultures, whose complex history reflects current health issues.

Hardcover – 286p.

Une histoire de l'orthopédie graphic creation by Switzerland-based graphic design Aris Zenone.

A studio with beautiful colors, lamps, and posters perfect for a modern-style dweller by Juliana Sampaio

A studio with beautiful colors, lamps, and posters perfect for a modern-style dweller / via @kronekern

If you follow me on Instagram you must have discovered that I am pregnant. Yes, pregnant! That's why I was a little absent from the blog, but due to laziness, nausea, and lack of inspiration, too. This is my third pregnancy but, to be honest, it's been 9 years past from the last and this one is very different from the ones I had. I hope this first quarter finishes soon. I hope to continue posting frequently even if I leave it already scheduled like the other posts.

Well let's now leave the baby matter aside and let's take a look at this wonderful apartment…

Small, graceful with neutral colors and touch of earthy tones. Extremely decorated with posters that give character to the environment. A small apartment is much easier to decorate and invest in branded items, just like in this apartment they have bet on the lamps, side table but also on a beautiful bed set. The beauty of this environment is the harmony between the colors that fluidized together and don't become visual chaos.

Styling: EMMA FISCHER (@styledbyemmahos) for STADSHEM

Neutral style living room with a rug as wall poster by Juliana Sampaio

Neutral style living room with a rug as wall poster | via @kronekern

How a rug can become a wall poster? This is not new since before many people used it as a wall decoration. Actually when they went on trips like in Morocco or India, so they put in the suitcase and brought them home as a unique object of decoration. And so it was!

But instead of placing them on the floor as it should be, they instead hung on the wall like an art poster. A good rug is an investment and if it is also good at the end we are sorry to put it in the floor. As you see them, they have returned to the walls. This carpet, for example, is from H&M Home and you can buy it here.

What do you think? Will you use like it?

Courtesy images via @stadshem


10 ways to styling your home in Scandinavian style with magazines by Juliana Sampaio

The good thing about the internet today is that you can find lots of inspiration for your home. Once to get some style news you were "forced" to buy a magazine! But now we poor mortals can find different ideas with our favourite creatives. By the way, I would like to thank them all...

© Cover Photography via Bybon

1. Useful for creating a minimalist bedside
© photography and styling by Elise Boreham

2. With Ikea white frame shelves
© styling and photography by Jill Holmgren

3. Create a space just for your collection
© styling by Pella Hedeby and photography by Kristofer Johnson

4. With the Norr Magazine holder, by @skagerak_denmark 
© photography and styling by Katerina Dima

5. In the shelving together with other decoration items
© photography and styling by Ange Dye

6. To decorate your window with your favorite candle
© photography and styling by Elisabeth Heier

7. Magazine suite case
© photography by Studio In

8. Ypperlig shelf by Ikea
© photography by Marlene

9. With a oversized basket
© styling and photography by Kristy

10. In the living room above the coffee table
© photography via De Fleur Creative

Neutral hues in a spacious living room with a dining corner by Juliana Sampaio

Neutral hues in a spacious living room with a dining corner

Neutral colors are always welcome in an interior decoration mainly in this living room with Scandinavian style.

What I love of this spacious room is the mix of the simplicity contrasted with high products that make it cozy with a touch of luxury. In the living room, you can see the HAY coffee tables and the famous IKEA sofa covered with BEMZ linen fitting cover.

Styled by GreyDeco for Stadshem
Photography: Jonas Berg


An office in calm and luxury style by Juliana Sampaio

An office in calm and luxury style

A finance company contacted GreyDeco to help them designed their new office.

They set a common goal of creating harmonious and luxurious representation areas. Some customers and investors come to visit and then it must breathe harmony, calm and luxury. Staff should also feel at home and comfortable to create wonders. The fact that the staff thrive and love their workplace is after all the most important thing that exists. The kitchen features the @sjostrandcoffeeconcept espresso capsule machine.

An interior design proposal was developed where natural tones meet living materials while maintaining a tightness. The result is shown below and is photographed by incredible Fanny Hansson.

Mupote Container by Artur de Menezes by Juliana Sampaio

Mupote Container by Artur de Menezes

MuPote has a minimalist design that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal.

With two different materials, glass and plastic, fixed by threads, the MuPote can be used in many different ways. From storage food to jewelry. The MuPote has two compartments to provide multi-purpose storage and enable the user to use the product as well as it wants. The glass compartments can be used to serve the food itself on the table, making the piece a tableware product too. By using contrasting materials, MuPote delivery good design and a contemporary beauty allied with quality and function.

Designed by Artur de Menezes a Brazilian industrial designer based in Barcelona (won the second prize in the student category of the Salão Design Award 2018 with his product Flor Armchair).

Casa Cook Chania - Annabell Kutucu by Juliana Sampaio

Casa Cook Chania - Annabell Kutucu

Located in the hillside on a pristine stretch of Cretan coast, the ancient city of Chania.

Set against an enchanting backdrop of deep Mediterranean blues, sandy stretches of beach and an ancient Venetian port, their modernist village is the perfect hideaway to rest and reinvigorate. Throughout the boutique property, a series of soulful spaces and sanctuaries merge minimalist mid-century modernism with sustainable design in one seamless union. The 106 handcrafted rooms feel earthy and organic, like a home away from home, opening up onto your own private terrace. Book here your stay!

Interior Curation, Styling and Decoration by Annabell Kutucu.
Images: Georg Roske, Ana Santa and Art Direction by Lambs and Lions

A spacious apartment with lots of character by Juliana Sampaio

A spacious apartment with lots of character

In this spacious apartment, absolutely the living room and the kitchen are my favorites.

With modern minimalist style and all white finish. Beautiful sofa and astound pieces embraces the living room. The kitchen what to say! It looks like a magazine cover. Linear and visually clean. I also like these characteristics chairs used in the dining room completes the environment.

And what do you think?

Images courtesy Wrede

Last minute gift ideas by Juliana Sampaio

A 48 sqm apartment in grey with exposed bricks and wine accents by Juliana Sampaio

A 48 sqm apartment in grey with exposed bricks and wine accents

Bright living room with this beautiful light grey walls. To contrast, they added some black and wine accents that in my opinion was a perfect combo. I love these iron chairs from Menu and the Frama wall lamp. My fave in this apartment is the small bedroom with these exposed bricks and the linens in neutrals it looks so cozy.

Images courtesy: Entrance Makleri

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