Love Yourself free printable art by Juliana Sampaio

Love Yourself free printable art / @kronekern

One of the things I like so much is to create, I spend hours and hours in Photoshop trying new typography. For this I created some printable exclusives for our subscribers in the email. But it would not be fair not to share some with you some times. Here it is, I hope you like it if you want others to sign up here.

Love Yourself free printable art / @kronekern


16" x 20" (40 x 50 cm)

8" x 10" (20 x 25 cm)

A3 (29.7 x 42 cm)

* Personal use only guys, thanks! 

Last minute gift ideas by Juliana Sampaio

Sunday Linked - The details are in the elements by Juliana Sampaio

Sunday Linked - The details are in the elements | www.kronekern.com

The beauty in everything is the definition of the elements used in it. In a house, for example, the basic elements are the perfect construction of the foundations. In the art and architecture are the visual details that count. In this inspirational collection you can see the elements everywhere that turning them unique.

  1. Zhu Ohmu, Melbourne ceramicist Rose Wei makes striking organic decorative vessels, created entirely using coiled clay.

  2. A very nice apartment in Grevgatan 70 available in Behrer.se

  3. Lair capsule furniture collection by Lovisa Häger on My Paradissi

  4. Sundling Kicken styling for Residence "Sunday At Home" a photography by Osman Tahir.

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Pantone color of the year 2019 by Juliana Sampaio


PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral is a coral hue vibrant, yet mellow with a golden undertone.

Every year Pantone accurate choices a color that represents the year. Multiple industries, including fashion, home furnishings, and industrial design, as well as product, packaging, and graphic design are influenced by it for product development and purchasing decisions.

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Weekend Links: The best white stones / Organisation ideas / Meringue Recipe / Playlist / Three pieces by Juliana Sampaio


The incredible Patricia Pomerantzeff a Brazilian architect known on Youtube for her interior tips has made a video to make you understand what is the best white stone for your kitchen or bathroom. The reason why you have to pay attention. Natural or waterproofing, however, both can not withstand stains. Spots such as vegetables as well as spinach and beets, acid fruits such as oranges and lemons, soaps and colored buccal products.

The architect tested the Carrara, Branco Espirito Santo, Pighes, Quartz, Aglostone Branco Prime, and famous Granite Siena. Both with and without waterproofing. The stains have been for 4 hours and you can see the whole steps here, I can anticipate you that only one of them has come out perfect without any stain.

A Pinterest board with more than 130 ideas to start organizing your home for the end of the year. With less than a month for the holidays of the year, no you know but I start from November to organize myself. First of all, I create a selection, for example, with things I have to donate, throw, hold or give yet another opportunity. After this I can start with the deep organization in each room.

Recently the wonderful Elisabeth Heier made some wonderful meringues for Halloween and why not include it for the Christmas! As a souvenir for some friends. Sweet and easy! Ideal to make together with your little ones.

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