Flight by Flos for Svenskt Tenn by Juliana Sampaio

 Flight by Flos for Svenskt Tenn | www.kronekern.com

The charming Flight lamp series was designed by Michael Anastassiades and is manufactured by Flos for Svenskt Tenn.

The collection comprises a desk lamp, a hanging ceiling lamp and a flush mount ceiling light. All of the fixtures have an innovative form that evokes a soft, flying hot air balloon. The shade is made of a resinous material that is protected by a transparent surface. It’s a unique manufacturing method that gives the lamp its soft, cocoon-like look.

Michael Anastassiades originally created the Flight desk lamp for Svenskt Tenn’s “To be perfectly Frank” exhibition in the spring of 2013. It was designed as a contemporary interpretation of Josef Frank’s iconic 2349 desk lamp or the “China Ball” lamp, reminiscent of a typical Chinese rice paper lantern, but in a different form. The lamp is being re-launched in the late summer of 2018, this time with Flos as the manufacturer and partner.

 Flight by Flos for Svenskt Tenn | www.kronekern.com
 Flight by Flos for Svenskt Tenn | www.kronekern.com

The Nature's Pharmacy by Nordiska Kök by Juliana Sampaio


Designed and produced by Nordiska Kök together with Alexandra Ogonowski of AO Interiors for Swedish company Food Pharmacy,

it features dark nature-inspired oak, timeless and sustainable in this interpretation of nature's pharmacy. A modern version of the classic rustic pharmacy counter with open shelves and many storage facilities.

Images courtesy via Nordiska Kök

When the art prints are the main piece in your home by Juliana Sampaio

 When the art prints are the main piece in your home | www.kronekern.com

I recently renovated some walls in my house and after the paint, it seems that it needs something more. So we need prints to give the styles we need.

In this house you can see the wonderful way in which the printable transform this place. I like that they used in every corner of it. Of course, the dark gray wall highlighted it even more.

There are various shops available to shop art prints. Some just for choose, buy and wait for your arrival at home or there are those where you can download and print on your own. These are some shops that I like.

Art Prints: The Poster Club | Desenio
Digital Prints: Etsy
Free Images: Unsplash

Images courtesy via Entrance Makleri

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